Traditional Home January 2015….yipee!

January 14th, 2015

Happy New Year!    2015


drum roll………IT IS OUT !

To start the year off with a bang I am extremely honored to have been a part of a beautiful project here in Richmond, Virginia.

Featured in Traditional Home Magazine

Congratulations to Sasha and Mike Hogan, the team you all put together was a true joy to work with.

Kat Liebschwager Interiors did an amazing job reflecting your family and your style in your home.

The Hogans also have been wonderful clients and have collected several of my pieces through out the years.

Above is one of my tree paintings they have prominently hung in their entrance hall.

I am humbled and grateful for such nice people in my life.

This months Traditional home features this incredible transformation…pick up a copy! You will not be disappointed.

It is featured in the Winter edition,  just now hitting the news stands.

I had a great time painting the floor, and the walls in the entrance hall, above.

I hope you enjoy their home as much as I did in this article!

Happy New Year!



Sunny Art Show at Ruth & Ollie

October 31st, 2014

Wow what a fall!

I had a super art show at Ruth & Ollie and am forever grateful for the friendship.  It is a challenge painting so many paintings, but also to put them out for the world to see.  For me it is fun to see my different painting styles and subjects all hanging together in one place for a time.  Each painting is attached to a point in my life ranging in emotions from sheer joy and excitement to the dark moments we all need to pull ourselves out of.  It is like a family reunion of emotions and how I was able to work through and come to peace with these feelings by painting through them.

The team at Ruth & Ollie was an incredible joy to work with.  Their enthusiasm coupled with professionalism is unmatched.  We Sold over 30 paintings, and that was the icing on the cake.

Thank you to all who came and shared in this labor of love.

I am forever grateful.

The Ruth and Ollie Team, lead by Kat and Mike Liebschwager.



Painted Floors in Commercial Space…Big Bang for the BUCK

March 24th, 2013

Looking for a WOW factor for your business?


Lesley Glotzl  ( …genius creator of





in Richmond, VA

She hired me to paint the floor for the original Clover store

and recently for the New Clover Store

below are the photos:

The border : Katie Stencil, Farrow and Ball Drawing Room Blue & Blue Ground floor painr

available at

The field of the floor is the Palmour Stencil large and small

before move in…


back entrance hallway

after move in!







Kitchen Blues?…paint the floor for a change.

March 9th, 2013


Are you wanting a change without renovating your whole kitchen?

Here is what a super cute family in Richmond hired me to do for them.

This will tide them over for a few years before a big renovation.


so here are the wood floors…

Prime with Farrow & Ball dark wood floor primer

Paint Farrow & Ball Lulworth Blue on the floor – two coats

Kitchen with Blue ready for white squares!

measure outside of squares

Measure and tape off squares

two coats of Pointing floor paint by Farrow & Ball...


finished kitchen Renovtion…..

HUGE CHANGE for not a lot of $$$

order paint at



2012 Stencil Designs available at The Rue !

November 28th, 2012

2012 Stencils Available at The Rue


kindly call and they will ship :)

Color LOVE + Farrow and Ball= Happy Home

October 17th, 2012

SO I have know about Farrow and Ball paints for years,

but since they were not readily available I had not used any of their colors…


The Rue in Richmond, VA,  now sells Farrow and Ball paints and I am truly in LOVE.

I have slowly been re doing the upstairs in my home and have used these paints in each room and have to admit,

there is something about their premixed formula that has an amazing depth.

Their colors are INCREDIBLY livable.

If you live close to Richmond, please come hear Ann explain this company’s philosophy and learn something about


I have been to this and really enjoyed it.

It lasts about 40 minutes :)

xx Sunny

OUTDOOR Porch Floor

October 5th, 2012

SO the covered porch…

one of my favorite hang out spots, especially when the seasons are changing.

Here are a few ideas to spruce them up a little and make them even more enjoyable!

Here I painted the floor for more interest and comfort.

for step by step photos…keep reading.

SO I decided to do the floor pattern long ways, found the center,

and started laying down the Sunny’s Self Adhesive Templates.

I continued the pattern with the templates, until I covered the whole porch.

So if you look at this picture, what is underneath the Sunny’s Template Design will stay the lighter gray.

I am painting the green color to go underneath the second smaller shape,  so it does not need to cover the whole design,

only where the shape will be. It makes more sense when you see the next photo.

In the photo what is underneath the small Sunny’s Shape will remain green.

The Dark gray will is painted on the remaining open space on the looks messy , but once it dries, you pull up each template,

which protected colors and shapes underneath, and the pattern is very cool!


I hope this inspires you to paint a porch floor.

The colors used are:

Farrow and Ball  Plummet Floor paint (lighter gray)

Farrow and Ball Folly Green floor paint (green)

Farrow and Ball Down Pipe (darker grey)

All Farrow and Ball Paints are available at


5813 Grove Avenue Richmond VA 23226


the whole floor was primed with Farrow and Ball floor primer

These paints do not require a top coat!

enjoy ,



Gold & Silver Leaf- Walls, Ceilings and More…

January 19th, 2012

Silver Leaf  is well worth the investment…

it is a timeless amazingly beautiful treatment for walls,  & ceilings (if you can stand the pain!)

It can find a home comfortable in ANY environment-

think of it as Jewelry for your house.

Too much ruins the outfit, BUT we all can use a little BLING!

The Powder Room below needed some dressing up…

The silver leaf walls reflect the light from the window above.

This Dining Room ceiling (below) was silver leafed in order to reflect light, add elegance,  and age to a new home.

It is details like these that help newer homes have the charm of older ones.

Daylight with out any lights on…just stunning.

reflection of sconce light on the ceiling is awesome!!

View from down low looking up- the ceiling was first painted a mustard yellow,

but any color underneath the leafing looks cool!

The nice thing about a silver leafed ceiling is that it is timeless,

goes with any decor,  and is a true decorating investment.

what do you think?

Focus on kids rooms when moving….

October 3rd, 2011

Moving to a new home is stressful enough…much less throwing decorating into the mix,

and making each childs “new” room feel special-

Decorative painting is different , easy and can give the instant unique personality to a room in a jiffy.

Below we painted headboards on the wall and added monograms to make it personal…

for an adorable tomboy!

These can grow with her for years…and can also be painted right over when a change is needed!

Serena and Lily  Marina  bedding



Serena and Lily Sunshine Mosaic Sheeting

our Hannah Stencil works great with this pattern, or the Hanna inside,

Inverted Hannah, and the Hannah Outside..options are endless..

Sunny’s and Serena and Lily work great together for kids rooms

I admire this client for focusing on her children’s rooms when she moved…

it showed them that their space was important which in turn made the move a little easier!

hope you are inspired!



Jolly Roger Bathroom for two cute boys!

July 14th, 2011

Jolly Rogers made this one day guest room bath,   a sophisticated  ” fun”,

for  two young boys….

who want to be closer to mom and dad.

The deep charcoal gray is a nice contrast to the blue tile and marble counter tops

and the “preppy” placement of stencils make them more fun and cool…. than scary.

When it is time for the boys to move upstairs to their bigger rooms away

from mom and dad-

the marble and tile will all stay , and the paint…

well …paint over it!