New Paintings for the NEW Year! Come visit we would LOVE to see you!

January 19th, 2011

I picked up SEVEN of my paintings from my framing friend today…

and I feel like it is Christmas all over again! …and my Birthday too!

I was so inspired I painted the walls, and we moved  furniture all day, SO PLEASE come visit, we would LOVE to see you!

here are some overall shots, with up close photos of paintings below.

They will be priced by tomorrow morning:)


BIG BLUE  44 x 60   Oil on Canvas  : can hang vertical  OR  horizontal

Side view of BIG BLUE

another pair of tree paintings  - little bigger than the last ones I did, and experimenting with lighter trunks.

Blue and Yellow       24×24        Oil on Canvas

Pink and Yellow         24 x 24       Oil on Canvas

I started a series of “MY BUSY LIFE ” paintings in the fall and the first two I did sold immediately.

These represent color balance, they can hang either vertically or horizontally, as a pair or alone, on top of each other, OR side by side!

These are pretty flexible, which is also part of the psyche of my life, and they make me feel good.

“My Busy Life”   #4        29 x 53        Oil on Canvas

“My Busy Life”  # 5        29 x 53        Oil on Canvas

Above is one of a smaller pair of    ”My Busy Life” #’s  6 &  7

These can be sold as a pair or individually :

hang together vertically  OR  horizontally

“My Busy Life ” #6       31 x 42      Oil on Canvas

” My Busy Life” #7       31 x 42      Oil on Canvas

Three small stripes     oil on canvas   sold individually    OR    together

24 x 24       thick canvas       unframed       painted sides     oil on canvas

“My busy life ” #’s 8 & 9

Lastly  ….  I made these cool mirrors in the past ….I made a few more ..this one is laquered white  48 x 48


We would love to see you so please pop in and see what we have done!

Happy January

xx Sunny

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  1. mary kate says:

    LOVE your new work!!!!! Mirror is great too!

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