Gold & Silver Leaf- Walls, Ceilings and More…

January 19th, 2012

Silver Leaf  is well worth the investment…

it is a timeless amazingly beautiful treatment for walls,  & ceilings (if you can stand the pain!)

It can find a home comfortable in ANY environment-

think of it as Jewelry for your house.

Too much ruins the outfit, BUT we all can use a little BLING!

The Powder Room below needed some dressing up…

The silver leaf walls reflect the light from the window above.

This Dining Room ceiling (below) was silver leafed in order to reflect light, add elegance,  and age to a new home.

It is details like these that help newer homes have the charm of older ones.

Daylight with out any lights on…just stunning.

reflection of sconce light on the ceiling is awesome!!

View from down low looking up- the ceiling was first painted a mustard yellow,

but any color underneath the leafing looks cool!

The nice thing about a silver leafed ceiling is that it is timeless,

goes with any decor,  and is a true decorating investment.

what do you think?


5 Responses to “Gold & Silver Leaf- Walls, Ceilings and More…”

  1. JP says:

    LOVELOVELOVE! What is your source for silver leaf? And do you have any recommendations as to how to get the look of silver leaf without actually using it (i.e., any products in your archive)?! Thanks!

  2. Carmella says:

    Hi Sunny! I was so excited to find out about you from the article in BH&G Do It Yourself magazine! I haven’t tried stencil painting before, but just reading the article got me really excited to try it out!

    Your products and paintings are simply beautiful!

    ~ Carmella

  3. Really agreed, Silver Leaf is an worth the investment.
    It is timeless amazingly beautiful treatment for walls, & ceilings. Silver Leafing One of my favorite.

  4. Margo Davy says:

    Ha Sunny – I just talked a client out of silver leaf on the ceiling and into an effect I do with silver plasters and stains.Easier and more profitable. These rooms look great. Sorry I didn’t see more of you at graduation. I was perusing Chris Rusbuldt’s LinkedIn account and saw your name. Will has played on his summer lax team and Brooks will proabbly next year. he went to schol with my bro in law.
    XOXOXOO Have a great summer!

  5. admin says:

    nothing compares to actual silver leaf…I use Mona Lisa – love it!

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